Did You Know Today is "Look On the Bright Side Day"


Today is "Look on the Bright Side Day". It is winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. And, December days tend to be cloudy. In spite of this, be optimistic. The following is an inspirational poem to help get us through the shortest day of the year.

Look On The Bright Side

Try looking, on the bright side of life give
it a try, give yourself the opportunity and
it won't, pass you by! Life can be cruel,
that I'll admit., give it all you can and don't
give up on it. There's always something
to hope for, they'll always be, a new day,
don't get discouraged, or let trivial things
get in the way. Display all your courage
and then follow through, if you can master
this, my hat's off to you! Life can be very
complicated, of that there's no doubt, it
just takes a little while, for some, to figure
it out. Once you reach the plateau, where
you always wanted to be, it will take on a
new meaning, for everyone, to see!

Written by: Audrey Heller