Annual Cookout


Residents of The Shaw Home celebrated summer with their family and friends at the Home’s annual cookout--a tradition that dates back over twenty years.

The cookout took place on the side lawn overlooking the manicured grounds. With the scent of barbeque lingering in the air, memories were made as residents shared food, music, conversation and laughter with family and friends as the afternoon wafted away.

“This cookout is about our residents spending time with friends and loved ones and creating fond memories for them to cherish,” said Kristine Donnelly Administrator of the Home. “The food is delicious”, added Millie Gifford, a resident of the Home as she took a bite of homemade strawberry shortcake.

As the day unfolded, residents, family, and staff mingled enjoying conversation and the relaxed atmosphere. “What a nice day”, remarked Walter Woodford,” This is what makes this place a home.”