Deficiency Free Survey


The Hannah B. Griffith Shaw Home for the Aged, Inc. achieves a deficiency free survey.

On May 17, 2013, the Hannah B. Griffith Shaw Home for the Aged, Inc. was declared deficiency free by the Department of Public Health. The Board of Directors attribute this outstanding achievement to the dedication of the Home’s employees.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Division of Health Care Quality, completed a survey from May 15, 2013 through May 17, 2013 of The Shaw Home and declared the Home to be in compliance with all applicable requirements for certification in the Medicare and/or Medicaid Programs. Less than five percent of nursing homes achieve this status.

In response to the declaration of a deficiency free survey Kristine Donnelly, Administrator of The Shaw Home stated, “I am pleased that we have been recognized for our efforts. Our entire team at The Shaw Home works diligently to meet and exceed expectations. This survey underscores the commitment of the staff and the Home in providing the highest level of quality of life and quality of care to our residents.”

Nursing homes undergo a rigorous unannounced survey process every nine to fifteen months. The survey team evaluates a myriad of criteria from staffing, cleanliness, quality of care, nutrition, complaints, ect. The Long Term Care industry is among the most regulated industry in the nation. With increasingly more stringent regulations, it has become difficult to obtain a deficiency free survey.