National Nursing Home Week


Nursing Home Week!  Our week started off with Sports Day!  Residents and staff represented their favorite teams, indulged in burgers and ballpark franks, and then participated in a bubble gum guessing game. Tuesday’s Happy Hour was fun; everyone celebrated with a “CHEERS”!   For midweek celebrations on Wednesday, staff and residents posed for a Wild Wild West photo shoot followed by a chocolate money guessing game.  Thursday was all about Root Beer Floats followed by a candy rootbeer barrel guessing game.  Concluding on Friday, we held an amazing Luau! Our kitchen staff provided cool and refreshing Pina Coladas followed by a candy necklace guessing game.  These guessing games were held daily and residents and staff guessed how many items were in jars.  The winners, one staff and one resident, won $10.00 gift cards to stores in the area.  This was truly a busy, exciting and amazingly memorable week!