Hannah's Chorus- Winter Performance


Hannah's Chorus
Written by Maggie Ward

"About eight years ago, my good friend Alice Carey, a retired JHS music teacher in Middleborough and I went to the movies to see "Young at Heart".  This movie documents the true story of the final weeks of chorus rehearsal in Northampton, MA. The average age of the chorus was 81!  It was inspiring.

When I was employed at The Shaw Home, I interviewed two potential residents, both of whom expressed a desire to keep singing in a choir, as singing was such a big part of their lives. I thought that if this can be done elsewhere, then why couldn't we do it in Middleborough! I approached Alice who volunteered to assist the group's start-up. That was eight years ago and the chorus is still thriving! Three of our current chorus members have been with us since the beginning. 

The chorus practices weekly and performs for friends and relatives bi-annually.  It is important to note that this is not a sing-a-long but an actual chorus open to all Residents.  Each concert has a theme and our members love learning all the new song lyrics.  Our most recent performance was held on Saturday, January 21st and featured popular movie songs from the 1930's through the 1990's, such as "Singing in the rain, Animal crackers in my soup, and San Francisco".  If you would like to hear more about joining the chorus or what's coming next,  please speak to an Activities associate for more information!