Time, Talent, and Treasure


In many workplaces, teamwork is a plus.  Here at the Shaw Home teamwork is invaluable!  Our management and staff teams not only proficiently perform their work, but also utilize their time, talent and treasure to further benefit our residents.

This is especially evident with our dining program which has been in full-swing for 3 years.  This program is an “all-hands-on-deck” approach where assigned management and staff help cook-to-order breakfast, assist to feed residents and help with all meal-time needs.

Our staff also shine in other areas.  Recently during the elections, Business Office Manager, Clem Leary, held forums and provided information about the prospective presidential candidates so that residents could make an informed vote.  Clem also meets residents with news events to further stimulate growth and awareness.  Our Executive Director, Kristine Donnelly, enjoys running a monthly indoor gardening group.  HR Director, Debbie Anderson-Arena, who as a Licensed Yoga Instructor, utilizes her talent to benefit our residents.  She delivers weekly programs in meditation for quiet solace, energized chair yoga, chair dancing with props and a robust morning stretch.  Debbie incorporates generational music in the programs and props like umbrellas, scarves, canes, and weights to help our residents strengthen and maintain their physical abilities.  

Power point presentations are surprising treats that the reception team creates and presents on New Year’s Eve Day.  For the past two years, Kendra Perry and Mary Ellen Walker have prepared a presentation with accumulated photos throughout the year.  The presentation illustrates events and activities from around the home and are set to specially selected music making the presentation more like a movie.  Our residents really enjoy this program!

Each Christmas, residents, their families and staff eagerly anticipate and thoroughly enjoy the many themed Christmas trees and decorations created by our very talented Director of Dining Services, Lisa Perry and Hospitality Manager, Denise Bradley.  Together they visualize and express beautiful placement of decorations.  It’s a wonderland of beauty when Lisa and Denise are finished designing the space!

Finally, whether behind the lines or right up front, all staff engages each day with residents, providing loving care, assistance with tasks, attending events together - all with personalized individual attention.  We are fortunate to have such a terrific team who strives to make each and every day a special day for dear residents.  Kudos and thank you to our FANTASTIC TEAM!