National Nursing Home Week!


This year during National Nursing Home Week (May 14th-20th), the Hannah B. G. Shaw Home staff and residents enthusiastically united together under the theme of “Dress through the Decades”.  
To begin the “Roaring 20’s” festivities, Activities staff and residents created feathered headbands and wore vintage Gatsby era hats.  Staff even dressed as flappers layered with fringe and sequins.  Then ‘cruisin’ into the 50’s listening to songs by Elvis Presley, our residents beat to the music snapping fingers and tapping feet.  Activities also discussed two leading ladies of that era, Marilyn Monroe and Doris Day, with interesting facts about their lives.  LP Record props were clever centerpieces on the tables where everyone gathered to sip on root beer floats!  AND – residents kicked into Debbie’s AM Stretch listening and stretching to a compilation of 60’s music.  There were tie dye shirts and other props throughout the activity and community rooms lending to plenty of photo-ops!  Reminiscing the 90’s with beanie babies and leading into Bob Saget’s America’s Funniest Videos turned out to be a big success.  We watched hilarious videos triggering much laughter from the audience.  It was a fantastic week filled with great memories and lots of fun and laughter!
Thank you to all of our staff and residents for making this a great event.