Memory Care

Memory care is a specialized type of elder care tailored specifically for the unique needs of individuals who have been given a medical diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease or other recognized forms of dementia. The Memory Care Neighborhood at the Hannah B.G. Shaw Home is designed specifically to meet the needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory disorders. 

Our Memory Care Neighborhood features 12 private bedrooms with private bathrooms. The spacious neighborhood shares a kitchen, dining and living area along with a secure walkway with gardens and a gazebo for outdoor enjoyment

Our Memory Care program features resident-centered care and structured programming within a safe, secure and home-like environment. Community programming emphasizes promotion of positive emotions and stress reduction while ensuring each resident reaches their optimal level of functioning. We offer a range of activities designed to meet the individual needs of residents. Quality of life is the cornerstone of the program.

All staff working in the Memory Care Neighborhood are trained to care for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders. If you, or a family member, have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or a related memory disorder please contact us to learn more about our Memory Care services.

Admission Process

The admission process at the Hannah B.G. Shaw Home is simple, needing merely the completion of our admission application. Below is a link to our admission application. We encourage you to print it to better understand the information that is needed. 

We also encourage you to come visit with your loved one. The best way to understand our community is to see it first hand. To schedule a visit please call 508-947-0332, or email